Go from Build to Publish in minutes. Create surveys and questionnaires from scratch or choose from our templates which are already in use by others in your Industry. This allows you to benchmark your scores against theirs.

Manage and Control

Reach your audience on every device. With surveys optimised for mobile or any wearable device, respondents can submit them from anywhere.

You can control and manage the users and provide specific permission for them based on their roles. This is mainly accessed by only the admins who define, create or grant roles to the users.

Create an Organization to manage and control the Groups or users associated with itself. You can create Organization and create different groups/ branches/ departments inside the same organization and can manage permission for users/members to access their surveys.


Share your applications anywhere. Host surveys and questionnaires on your own domain and embed them on any web page.

Invite the respondents to answer your survey as an email invite with datahub Email Broadcast or Bulk Email.

This is the space where you can add your application screens to be displayed either online or offline. You can add as many images as you need to create your application screens.

Reporting and Analytics

Understand your data and track performance. View results graphically and in real time.

Raw data is nothing without analysis. Real-time reporting, analytics tools, and integrations with Report builder help you see your results in different types of charts and tabular form. Share reports, create filters, and spot trends so you stay ahead of the curve instead of behind it.

With datahub connect stay organised and informed with dynamic analytics dashboard. And build shareable, password protected reports to deliver great business insights. It’s the plug-in feature used to connect the datahub data with MS Excel, Powerpoint and Word.

datahub theming

The look and feel of your survey really make a difference. datahub’s survey design tools give you complete flexibility to customise your survey and create reassuringly professional questionnaires that perfectly complement your organisation’s brand.

All Features

  • Applications
  • Device Management
  • Users & Roles
  • Datasets
  • Kiosk
  • Organization Management
  • Report Builder
  • Bulk Mail
  • datahub Connect
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